Moorgate Cemetery


During Victorian times, life expectancy was about 40 years and infant mortality was particularly high. Three out of every twenty babies born died before reaching the age of one.

This high infant mortality is reflected in the poignant monumental inscriptions in the cemetery:

Childs Monumental Inscription
Childs Monumental Inscription

Some epitaphs, however, reflect on full life well spent. The chosen inscription reflects how the deceased wishes to be remembered in relation of their life’s endeavours:

Monumental Inscription

Captain George Ridgway of the Bridge Inn Masbrough, who died in 1847 and whose inscription reflects his possible nautical connection.

Monumental Inscription

Henry Cooper Engine Driver on the great northern railway – died 1862.

Monumental Inscription

William Astbury – Potter died 1890.

Monumental Inscription

The 20th century secular epitaph of a master builder reflects more humorously how he wished to be remembered.

Texts from the Bible and inscriptions of a sacred nature reflect the deceased’s beliefs and their hope for life to come:

Monumental Inscription
Monumental Inscription

Some of the town’s more eminent Victorians chose to have their earthly home inscribed on their family gravestone:

John Wood – Ickles Hall

William Crocker –  Ickles House

John Barras – Broom Lodge – Clerk to the Rotherham Union

Humphrey Davey – The Yews

Clement Beatson Clark – Sharon Rotherham

William Kaye Jackson – Barbot Hall

John Corker – Hartington Villas

Henry Bray – Orchard House

H R Robinson – High Bank Moorgate

Arthur Habershon – Ferham Bank

William Aizlewood – Moorgate Grove

Joseph Harrison Oxley – Aldwarke House

George Eskholme – Beechenhurst

Henry Jones – Oakwood Grange

Thomas Hopwood – Parkfield

James Rhodes – Woodlands

Charles Leach Coward – South Grove

Isaac Walker – Edenhurst

George Taylor – Elmfield

William Hanby – (??) Villa Moorgate

John Hanby – Cedar House Moorgate

Herbert Harry Hickmott – Parkfield

John Baker – Oakwood Grange

John Evans – Netherfield House

George Haywood – Rotherstoke

John B Kay – Melton House Moorgate

George Enoch Hodgkinson – Springfield

William Easton – Wellgate House

George Neill – Eastwood House

William Hastings – Carholme

Weston William Brooks – Durlston Moorgate

James Yates – Oakwood Hall

William Harrison – South Grove

Joseph May – Barbot Old Hall

John Bradley – East House Catcliffe

Other epitaphs simply describe the character of the deceased and how they will be missed:

Monumental Inscription