Moorgate Cemetery

Commonwealth War Dead 1914 – 1918

Moorgate Cemetery contains 52 Commonwealth burials of the First World War, with the graves distributed throughout the cemetery.

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ADAMS, Private, A, 5/3163. 5th Bn. Connaught Rangers. 30th May 1915. T2. N.G. 68.

ARCHER, Sapper, J, 132621. Command Depot (Thetford). Royal Engineers. 19th March 1918. Age 40. Son of John Archer, of Horley, Atherstone, Warwickshire; husband of Mary Jane Goodwin (formerly Archer), of 57, School St. Eastwood View, Rotherham. B3. N.G. 45.

ASHMAN, Serjeant, A E, 3/1657. 3rd Bn. King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. 23rd January 1918. A3. N.G. 27.

BELL, Driver, PERCY, 26402. Royal Field Artillery. 4th April 1919. Age 26. Son of John and Lavila Bell, of 28, Banklow Cottages, Banklow, Rotherham; husband of Frances Keeling (formerly Bell), of 20 Court, 13 House, Wellgate, Rotherham. F3. N.G. 222.

BOARDMAN, Second Lieutenant, HARRY, D C M, R.N. Div. (Reserve). Royal Marine Light Infantry. Acci-dentally killed at Chatham 16th July 1917. Age 21. Son of George Henry and Catherine Elizabeth Boardman, of 7, Nelson St., Rotherham. Served (as Serjt.) with 6th Bn. Lincolnshire Regt. in France. Born at Rotherham. A2. N.G. 52. (Read more about Harry Boardman)

BRIDGES, Private, J, 5180. 5th Bn. York and Lancaster Regiment. 16th February 1918. N. N.G. 41.

BROOKS, Private, W, 3/4244. York and Lancaster Regiment. 8th June 1917. Age 42. Son of Tom Brooks; husband of Alice M. Knott (formerly Brooks), of 9, New Seland Yard, Rotherham. Born at Rotherham. G3. N.G. 55.

BURY, Sapper, J B, 530263. London Electrical Engineers. Royal Engineers. 8th November 1918. N2. N.G. 160.

BUTLER, Driver, V, 19993. Royal Field Artillery transf. to (633396) Labour Corps. 15th February 1919. I1. N.G. 55.

COLEY, Private, H, 3147. 1st/5th Bn. York and Lancaster Regiment. 25th December 1915. 02. N.G. 46.

COWELL, Private, L, 43818. York and Lancaster Regiment transf. to (TR5/70336) 87th Bn. Training Reserve. 18th June 1917. Age 35. Husband of Margaret Evans (formerly Cowell), of 4, Oval Rd., Eastdene, Rotherham. H3. N.G. 133.

CRABTREE, Private, WILLIAM, 10854. 1st Bn. York and Lancaster Regiment. Died of pneumonia 22nd No-vember 1918. Age 32. Husband of Edith Goodwin (formerly Crabtree), of 3, Bramwell St., Rotherham. F3. N.G. 128.

CREASY, Private, W, 3/2725. 3rd Bn. York and Lancaster Regiment. 11th October 1915. Age 20. Son of Mrs. C. Creasey, of 17, Main St., Rawmarsh, Rotherham. G3. N.G. 117.

DUDLEY, Private, WILLIAM, 43052. West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales’s Own). 7th February 1919. Age 35. Son of David and Henrietta Dudley, of 7, Lindley St. Rotherham. B2. N.G. 64.

EARNSHAW, Private, E, 511708. 1st/5th Bn. York and Lancaster Regiment. 7th February 1916. B2. N.G 33.

ENGLISH, Private, ALFRED ERNEST CLIFFORD, 2105. King’s Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment). Died of wounds 21st May 1915. Age 21. Son of James Everitt English and Alice English, of 32, Broom Terrace Rother-ham. P2. N.G. 135.

FOERS, Airman 2nd Class, FRANK CECIL, 60840. 6th Reserve Sqdn. Royal Flying Corps. Died of sickness 26th September 1917. Age 40. Son of Frank and Ann Foers; husband of Helen M. Foers, of “Pendyffryn,” Wig-ston Rd., Oadby, Leicester. Born at Rotherham. I1. N.G. 4.

GODFREY, Gunner, EDWARD THOMAS, 25257. Royal Field Artillery. Died of pneumonia 3rd November 1917. Age 31. Husband of Ada Rogers (formerly Godfrey), of 5, Douglas Yard, Rotherham. B3. N.G. 21.

GOWER, Driver, WILLIAM HAROLD, 14604. Australian Field Artillery. Died of sickness 4th November 1918. Age 23. Son of James Henry and Sarah Ann Gower, of Latrobe, Tasmania. Born at Latrobe. B3. N.G. 24. (Read more about William Harold Gower)

GRACEY, Private, SAMUEL, 33336. Royal Irish Fusiliers. Died of sickness 18th August 1921. Age 21. Son of William and Elizabeth Gracey (nee Brennan). Born at Portadown, Co. Armagh. B3. N.G. 32.

GREEN, Private, J, 277208. 7th Bn. Durham Light Infantry. 18th November 1918. F3. N.G. 213.

GREENWOOD, Private, T J, 41687. Duke of Wellington’s (West Riding Regiment). 28th August 1921. B3. N.G. 29.

GRIFFIN, Private, C J, TR5/74609. 88th Bn. Training Reserve. 22nd June 1917. H3. N.G. 164.

GRIFFITHS, Private, James, 22629. 3rd Bn. Durham Light Infantry. 1st March 1915. V2. N.G. 108. (Read more about James Griffiths)

GRIGG, Serjeant, THOMAS WILLIAM, 315612. 35th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers. Died of sickness 14th March 1917. Age 32. Husband of Annie Grigg, of 37, School St., Eastwood View, Rotherham. Born at St. John’S, Middlesbrough. E3. N. G. 36. (Read more about Thomas William Grigg)

HANTON, Private, ROWLAND, 3983. 3rd/5th Bn. York and Lancaster Regiment transf. to (219567) Labour Corps. Died of phthisis 28th May 1920. Age 30. Husband of Jane Marriott (formerly Hanton), of 43, Chapel St., Eastwood View, Rotherham. F3. N.G. 38.

HENRY, Private, S, 45665. 2nd/4th Bn. York and Lancaster Regiment. Died of wounds 22nd November 1918. Age 24. Son of Mrs. Elizabeth Henry, of 1219, East Florence Avenue, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. W2. N.G. 109.

HOLMES, Lance Corporal, W, 62048. 22nd (Tyneside Scottish) Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers. 22nd February 1919. Age 20. Son of Abel and Louisa Ann Holmes, of 76, Effingham St., Rotherham. L2. N.G. 124.

INCLEY, Private, G H, 24954. 11th Bn. King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. 1st August 1916. G3. N.G. 288.

JENNISON, Serjeant, FRANK CYRIL, S4/173993. Army Service Corps. 21st November 1918. Age 28. Hus-band of Elsie Jennison, of 4, Central Avenue, East Dene, Rotherham. H3. N.G. 30.

JOHNSON, Private, A, 241405. 1st/5th Bn. York and Lancaster Regiment. 7th April 1920. Age 34. Husband of Sarah Ellen Johnson, of 2, Wheathill Terrace, Sheffield Rd., Rotherham. F3. N.G. 105.

LANCASTER, Private, J, 3885. 5th Bn. York and Lancaster Regiment. 28th January 1917. B3. N.G. 22.

MARSHALL, Private 2nd Class, F, 111473. No. 2 Repair Depot. Royal Air Force. 28th October 1918. G3. N.G. 262.

MILLICAN, Private, THOMAS, 22033. Durham Light Infantry. 22nd November 1918. Age 23. Son of Tho-mas and Esther Millican, of 33, Bramwell St., Rotherham. Born at Askam-in-Furness. G3. N.G. 2.

NORRISS, Sapper, T C, 82114. 171st Coy. Royal Engineers. 17th March 1920. Age 29. Son of Mrs. Elizabeth Norriss, of 135, North Rd., East Dene, Rotherham. H3. N.G. 172.

PARKIN, Private, JOHN, 405675. 19th Bn. Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment). 28th April 1917. Age 20. Son of Mr. and Mrs. George Parkin, of 42, Brook Crescent, Toronto, Canada. I1. N.G. 17.

PATTERSON, Private, OLIVER, 4265. 1st/5th Bn. York and Lancaster Regiment. 10th July 1916. Husband of E. E. Patterson ,(Now Mrs Smith of 37 Drummond Street, Rotherham). V2. N.G. 111.

PHILLIPPS, Private, R, 6/50369. Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment). 26th October 1918. P2. N.G. 186.

REVILL, Private, FREDERICK, 19365. 7th Bn. Suffolk Regiment. 4th June 1920. Age 36. Son of Arthur and Rachel Revill, of Rotherham. G3. NG. 75.

SMITH, Sapper, J, 186487. 290th Army Troops Coy. Royal Engineers. 24th February 1917. I1. N.G. 27.

SPENCER, Private, J, 3097. 3rd Bn. Connaught Rangers. 17th March 1920. B3. N.G. 25.

STACEY, Gunner, ERNEST GUITE, L/19847. Royal Field Artillery. 26th April 1917. Age 37. Son of Alfred and Hannah Stacey; husband of Jessie Floyd (formerly Stacey), of I, Benfield Place, Greasbrough Rd., Rother-ham. O2. N.G. 169.

SUTER, Private, G E, 205646. Queen’s Own (Royal West Kent Regiment). 16th November 1917. Age 19. Son of Annie Prosser (formerly Suter), of 42, Shaftesbury Square, Rotherham, and the late H. Suter. Born at Rother-ham. H3. N.G. 132.

THOMPSON, Stoker 1st Class, W T, 294012. H.M.S. Victory. Royal Navy. 23rd October 1918. F3. N.G. 173.

TIDY, Private, T W, 42578. York and Lancaster Regiment. 8th April 1918. Age 42. Husband of Emma Tidy, of 42, Dene Crescent, East Dene, Rotherham. B3. N.G. 23.

TORR, Lance Corporal, ALBERT, 747. Royal Army Medical Corps. 26th June 1916. G3. N.G. 191.

VERNON, Private, JOHN, 111499. “B” Coy. 6th. Canadian Mounted Rifles. 10th October 1915. Age 29. Hus-band of Alice Cole (formerly Vernon), of 29, Castle Avenue, Rotherham. N2. N.G. 163.

WALKER, Sapper, BERNARD ASQUITH, 1311. 1st Field Coy. West Riding Div. Royal Engineers. Died of meningitis 17th January 1915. Age 19. Son of Charles Asquith Walker, of 42A, High St., Lowestoft, Suffolk. H3. N.G. 29.

WATKINSON, Gunner, J W, 166594. No. 1 Artillery Training School. Royal Field Artillery. 12th June 1920. B3. N.G. 26.

WEBB, Private, G F, 3141. York and Lancaster Regiment. 12th March 1915. G3. N.G. 244.

WILLIAMS, Lance Corporal, R L, 17246. 10th Bn. Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment). Died of sickness following wounds received near Hill 60 26th September 1915. Age 33. Son of Edward Bagaley Wil-liams and Edith Williams, of “Witton,” Gerard Rd., Rotherham. Y. OG. 19.

WOOD, Private, J W, 4871. Depot. Army Cyclist Corps. 14th January 1917. Age 23. Son of Mrs. B. Wood, of 1 Court, 6 House, Short St., Sheffield. G3. N.G. 60.

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